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Miska President's Cat
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Cats of the President - Music CD

President's Cats - Music CD

Music CD of the President's Cats: price 13 € or 15 $! (+ postage and packaging) Delivery Costs: 2 € in Finland, 2 € in other Nordic countries, 5 € for the rest of Europe, 10 $ to the U.S.A.
You can order cd-record also by e-mail You can order the Music CD by e-mail, through our order form or in person at our concerts. If ordering via email, please include your name, address, number of cd's and phone number. After receiving your e-mail, we will send you a bill and once we have received your payment, the CDs will be posted out!
Listen to samples of the President’s Cats:
Song: Click Sample:

President's Cats

Rabbit Rock

Mouse Trap

Funny Talk

Jump Castle

Ice Cream

Swimming Song

Rontti is Still Wearing Nappies

The Farewell Song

CDs are available to buy at all concerts!

Cats of the President CD-record! Booklet backcover

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