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Chilren's Karaoke! - President's Cats

Kids Karaoke - President's Cats

After the concert is possible to have kids / childrens karaoke! Rontti receive singers (Idols) and interviews performers, Miska accomppany with with keyboards, piano, guitar or accordion and sing along if needed. We bring words, for those who can read easily. We have 3 microphones, so chilrens can sing together with their best friens! President's Cats gives award to all singers: fancard or twisted balloon for example!
Kids Karaoke songs
Song: Info:
Elephant song -
Brother John Are you sleeping?
Lullaby Johannes Brahms
Old Mac Donald had a farm -
Bob the Builder from the kids TV serie
Frog song -
Teletubbies from the kids TV serie
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star -
Mother of mine Neil Reid
Puff the Magic Dragon -
...and many more! -
Kids Karaoke! Top Idols!!

President's Cats have Kids Karaoke with

Twisted Balloons

Ball Ocean Man!
Old Iron Concert
Quarrel to Love for high schools
Keikkakuvat 2011
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Twisted Balloons!

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