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  • Cats of the President
  • Valto-Brownie and Santa Claus
  • Valto Savolainen one man band!
  • Nostalgic 70's music evening!

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    Cats of the President Jumcastle od Cats of the President Battery car Battery car Twist balloon - Dog Twist balloon - Rabbit Twist balloon - Parot Folio-balloon Butterfly Miska - Cat of the President

    Marketing pictures of Valto-Brownie and Santa Claus:

    Valto Brownie Santa Valto-Brownie and Santa Claus Valto Brownie Valto Brownie and art of balloons! Santa Claus Valto Brownie and Santa Claus Santa Claus Santa's sack!

    Marketing pictures of Valto Savolainen one man band:

    Valto Savolainen one man band Community singing accompaniment with acoustic guitar Accordionist Valto Savolainen from Finland Pianist Valto Savolainen Guitarist Valto Savolainen Soloist and DJ Valto Savolainen Keyboardplayer Valto Savolainen

    Marketing pictures of Nostalgic 70's music evening!:

    Style from 70's! Clothing from 70's! Hits from 70's!

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