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Miska President's Cat
Extras: bouncy castle
balloons, smoke, soap
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President's Cats English Program:

English Program for Children
Old Iron Concert
Christmas Show!
Valto Savolainen Troubadour
Quarrel to Love for high schools

President's Cats Children's Concert - English program 2012

President's Cats - English program 2012:
President's Cats
Rabbit Rock
Trap of mouse
Swiming song
It is time to say goodbye

The President’s Cats can also perform their show in English! Check out the English lyrics! The concert starts when the cats step upon the red carpet, just like the President of Finland! Stand up children, Stand up! These Cats are very, very important. They wear black dress coats and a tie made from fish!
Each concert lasts for about 45-50 minutes with many opportunities for the children to take part. Children can sing along and dance to their favourite songs together with the cats.