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Order form for the President's Cats Music CD

Order form for the President's Cats Music CD :

Music CD of the President's Cats: price 13 € or 15 $! (+ postage and packaging). Delivery Costs: 2 € in Finland, 2 € in other Nordic countries, 5 € for the rest of Europe, 10 $ to the U.S.A.

Complete the form and send your order! After receiving your order, we will issue you with a bill. When we have received your payment, the CDs will be posted out to you! You must be at least 18 years old.


Age: I'm 18 years old or older


E-mail: We send bill of cd primarily by e-mail

Postal address:

Number of CDs required? pieces

I require pieces of President's Cats posters. Price 2 € or (3 $) per poster. Size: A3

President's Cats poster, size A2

Additional information:

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