This Bouncy Castle is almost like Castle of the President!

President's Cats Bouncy Castle!

President's Cats Bouncy Castle is Kid's favourite!

Ordered in 2004 from England. Jumpcastle size is about 6 x 7 meters. Exact size: length: 6,5 meters. width: 5,5 meters. heigh: 3,3 meters. Need of space: 8,5 meters lenght, (aircompressor is at back of the castle). We don't use our castle in bad weather, like in rain, cold (below 0 degree), or in sandfield for example. You can also rent jumpcastle to your party, ask an offer!

Welcome to Jumpcaste party!

Bouncy Castle is very clean! Cats clean up reqularly!

Catsle's sides have texts Pressan Katit (President's Cats) and Miska ja Rontti (Miska and Rontti)! In front tubes are large pictures of Miska and Rontti!